#LEAD360: What is BLUEPRINT?

Q:  What is BLUEPRINT? A:  BLUEPRINT is a group mentoring program designed for first-year students who are interested in developing their leadership capacity through 8 weekly interactive sessions. BLUEPRINT students receive two mentors—an upper-class student leader, and a staff member. By joining our program, you’ll make new connections on campus, attend a leadership retreat, and […]

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#SyncMeUpScotty – Using the App

Welcome back to the latest installment of our OrgSync series, #SyncMeUpScotty! In the smart-phone era, we’re always connected to our friends and family – so why not be connected to your student orgs, too? Introducing the new OrgSync app. We introduced the OrgSync app in our first #SyncMeUpScotty post, but today we’ll be delving into the nitty-gritty details. You’ll […]

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#LEAD360: Are you a Leader?

Now accepting applications for BLUEPRINT mentors, Voices for Social Change Facilitators, Women’s Leadership Facilitators, and Leadership Consultants! Are you passionate about leadership?  If you are excited by the ability to help develop students’ leadership capacities, we want you to apply to be a #LEAD360 mentor, facilitator, or leadership consultant! LEAD 360 is a component of […]

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#CSCturns50 – A NU Time Capsule

Hey there Huskies! As you may remember from our thank you post from last time, we mentioned that on November 15, we’ll be packing a new – or NU! – time capsule, to be opened in 2064, Curry Student Center’s 100th Anniversary! Now the best part? Your student organization can contribute! Here’s how: Items should […]

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Power Your Project with Catalyst

We’ve heard it before – Northeastern is a community of students, faculty, and alumni with experiential, engaging, and innovative goals. Now enter Catalyst, a program dedicated to bringing those experiential, engaging, and innovative goals to life. Whether you’re a student group with a great project idea or a donor enthusiastic about one, Catalyst “makes it easy to follow, connect with, and support […]

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Get Involved: What’s Homecoming?

Whenever I tell people that I am a co-chair of Northeastern’s Homecoming Committee, someone always asks the question, “What’s Homecoming?” The simple answer is, “Homecoming is a week where we celebrate Northeastern and student organizations compete against each other to show their husky pride.” But in addition to being boring, an answer like that fails […]

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#SyncMeUpScotty – Who are You?

Hey there Huskies! Welcome to the second blog post in the OrgSync series, #SyncMeUpScotty. Last time we went over the basics of OrgSync and getting started – today will be about making yourself known with your personal profile. Get started by logging into OrgSync with your myNEU username and password. It should take you straight […]

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Get Involved: Hands with Boston

Meet Jenna Sweig: she’s a fifth year International Affairs and Human Services major involved with campus activities and student organizations, such as Delta Zeta and Hillel. Jenna was, like many people around the world, devastated by the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy. And being halfway around the world in Paris wasn’t exactly helping either – she couldn’t […]

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