Final Thoughts on 2012


Dear Student Leaders:

We certainly have a lot to be proud of when we look back at 2012. You have put on some stellar programs, made the class of 2017 feel welcome within our community and you all should be truly proud of the work that you and your organizations have accomplished in just a few short months. Looking back on the year from our perspective, the Office of Campus Activities has processed over 300 contracts to support the great work that you put into working with this each year. Considering that not all programs require contracts, it is safe to say that the talented team in 434CSC has been hard at work to make your innovative ideas a reality. Let’s make January 9th “Thank Your Program Manager Day” for all of their dedication and support.

By now, many of you know that the long awaited Leadership Council program rolls out in January. As you can imagine a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to make sure that these meetings will be productive and meaningful for you. After several weeks of juggling schedules, we have finalized the days, times and locations for all of these meetings during the spring 2013 semester. Please take a moment to visit our website ( and check out when your council will be meeting – they start the second week of class!

Before we sign off for the fall semester, I wanted to remind all of you that registration for the spring semester has begun today and will continue up to the deadline of February 1, 2013. The process for registration has never been easier, so please be sure to check out the website for details:

I look forward to many of the annual programs that take place in the spring semester and I hope that each of you has a restful and safe holiday break.

Until 2013,


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