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Hello and happy 2013!

I’m excited to start the new year off by learning how to blog! Luckily I work in an office of talented folks who spearheaded this initiative, and I’m able to use this communal forum to add my contributions.

My blog category (Nifty Gifties) was determined right before the holiday break when our office was starting to slow down, as students were wrapping up finals and co-op and headed home for the holidays. With a little bit more free time in our schedules, we decided to throw ourselves a holiday potluck. We had some door prizes to give away at the party, and thought it would be fun to dress them up a bit to be more festive. I offered to make some tissue paper flowers, and much to my surprise, this skill (that I thought everyone learned in elementary school art class) was a talent that apparently I solely possessed. And this conversation just happened to coincide with the week I decided to teach myself to crochet. So my love for adult crafts was quickly revealed to my colleagues in 434 CSC, and thus my blog category, Nifty Gifties, was born.

Perhaps you are thinking that a video tutorial for tissue-paper-flower-making comes next. If this excites you, I’m sorry to disappoint. And if that wasn’t enough to capture your attention, well then maybe the next nugget of my thought process will be of greater interest to you.

My hope is to “gift” fun pieces of information to you in each of my blog posts. As someone who was new to the University in May 2012, I still consider myself to be somewhat of a newbie who is constantly learning more about Northeastern. When I first started, I discovered my own personal gold mine in the Northeastern website. Did you know that nearly every department on campus keeps their websites updated with the most current and helpful information?? Well I learned this fairly quickly, and it helped me survive the first few months as I was being thrown acronym after acronym (what is it with Northeastern and all the acronyms?!)

I’d be crazy if I failed to mention the Campus Activities website in this post. I work in the department and still find new, helpful information on our site all the time. It is constantly being updated with the most current and relevant topics to assist our student leaders. In my opinion, one of the best resources on the website is the Student Organization Resource Guide. There is so much helpful information contained within this guide – and the best part about it….it’s searchable! You just type in what you are looking for and scroll through the document to find the relevant pages. I am constantly referring the organizations I work with to specific pages within the guide that apply to whatever initiative they happen to be pursuing.

It is definitely a project to read through the entire document at one time – so my suggestion to you is to reference it using the search tool whenever you have a question about your organization’s plans. If the Guide can’t answer your question, reach out to your Program Manager for clarification – we’re here to help!

Cheers to a new year!


Do you have an idea for a Nifty Gifty? Email me at and let me know what tidbit you have found useful!

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