The Rider

Ever wonder what happens back stage in Blackman? Or even at the SpringFest Concert? Did you know that most performers and bands who come to Northeastern request anything they’d ever wanted?!

Welcome to ‘The Rider’, my corner of the Campus Activities blog! For those of you who have never heard the term ‘rider’, this is a document created by performers listing their requirements that the venue (Northeastern) or sponsor (Student Organization) must provide. The requests range from technical needs like microphones, to hospitality like green M&Ms and water.

Over the next few months, I will share some great stories and interesting adventures from behind the stage of events in Northeastern’s history. In addition, I hope to provide you helpful tips in program planning, execution, and assessment. While reading ‘The Rider’, I hope you find encouragement and excitement to be the next events coordinator for your organization!

Technical Tips

Want more people to know about your programs? Don’t forget to utilize the digital signage around campus. Ask your Program Manager for details on how to feature your program on screens in almost any building.

Dressing Room Dish

The funniest request we were unable to provide was a  “Sweater made of human hair”. No joke! The band’s manager said “Well, don’t you have a hair cutting club on campus?”.

Check back next month for more Technical Tips and another Dressing Room Dish!!


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