You Are What You Tweet: Authenticity

You Are What You Tweet

My name is Desiree Walker and Social Media has recently become a major aspect of my contributions to the Campus Activities Office here at Northeastern.  I am the voice behind our Twitter, our Facebook, and an editor to our blog.  Truthfully, all of the information out there about optimizing social media use can be quite overwhelming!  Everyone has a say on how you should spend your 140 characters (or Facebook status, or blog posts).  My goal is to share personal anecdotes and advice, as well as to attempt to summarize some of the great advice that is out there and relevant to the NU student leader!

My piece of advice for today is: BE AUTHENTIC.  One of the greatest compliments you can receive (in my opinion) is: “you (tweet, blog, facebook) just like you talk!”  Your social media accounts should reflect who you are.  There’s a caveat: social media is public (even when it’s private), so your social media should reflect who you are in public…when anyone can hear what you’re saying…even your [future] boss.

I throw out the boss card with some reservation.  I strongly believe that one of the best parts of social media is the variety of opinions and viewpoints present on any given topic.  Censorship is not the name of the game.  Being authentic while being appropriate is a bit of a juggling act, but think of it this way: social media allows you to edit what you say, before you say it.  If all else fails, consider this practice for that after-work social with [future] colleagues.  Make your words work for you.

Please send feedback or questions to  I’d love to hear your thoughts! Or comment below!

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