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This edition of “Thoughts from Our Friends” is brought to you by Gabi Valladares. Gabi is a member of the Student Involvement Board and the Public Relations Student Society (PRSSA).

Leadership Council Reflections
By: Gabriella Valladares

We’re only a few weeks into the spring 2013 semester here at Northeastern, but the newly established leadership councils are already in full swing.  As a co-chair of two of the councils, I was lucky enough to witness the first leadership council meetings in action.

The student leaders who attended the first two council meetings seemed skeptical of the program at first, as expected.  However, within minutes, discussions sparked regarding possible collaboration efforts among student organizations on campus (can you sense our excitement yet?).  Our council members came equipped with questions on how university processes can be simplified, how student groups can improve their promotion and marketing efforts within the Northeastern community, among a long list of other pertinent requests.  Some members even came ready to discuss what their organization can do for other student organizations on campus (collaboration at its best!).

Though I understood the need for these leadership councils prior to attending the first meetings, I see it now more than ever.  With pages of inquiries from students, my co-chairs and I (along with the rest of the leadership council chairs) are preparing for a semester full of connecting and supporting student organizations so they can function to the best of their ability.

We are extremely excited about this new initiative and hope that council members and their student organizations will see just how beneficial this program will be.

What ideas do you have for student organization collaboration on campus?


Editorial Note: If you or your organization would like to reflect on a program or event, or on student leadership at Northeastern in general, please consider posting as part of this series. For more information, please contact Desiree Walker at

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