The Advocate NU

Jace-ProtestingHi folks, Jace here! Some of you may not know this, but I was quite an outspoken activist on campus in my day. I made awesomely-sloganed signs, rallied, marched, and waved flags. I even led a protest with a bullhorn. It was rad. (Yes, that’s me to the right, in all my college glory.)

Activism was what led me to my current career path in Student Affairs and LGBTQA Services. It makes sense, then, that my little corner of the Northeastern Campus Activities world would be dedicated to campus activism and advocacy efforts. Currently, I co-chair the Advocacy and Global Impact leadership council, working with some of the groups on campus that might be termed “social justice” or “social action” oriented. It’s a fantastic assignment, because it lets me reconnect in positive ways with the larger world of activism. I find myself constantly encouraged by the work of you, our student leaders, and the ways in which you shape and challenge the rest of us. So, may I just say, thanks for inspiring me!

That’s where this blog comes in – here, I will attempt to capture ways that folks are using positive activism on campus to affect change here at Northeastern or in the greater-Boston community. I’d love to lend my insights from my past life of protests and flag-waving and my understanding of campus policies to make sure that your advocacy efforts go off smoothly. Most of all, I’m hoping that I can inspire you all a little bit as well, to take your passions here on campus and turn them into life-long missions towards a more socially just world.

No small task, but I’ll try to do my part, at any rate.

For this inaugural post, I wanted to set our sights a little further into the future. If you’re anything like me, you’ve wondered how you could incorporate your student organization experience into your future career. In my case, it took a meeting with my resident director, where I sat dumb-struck as she explained how, yes, indeed, I could make my involvement in the college’s gay-straight alliance into a full-time job (it was a rather circuitous path for me – I started as a computer science major). You fortunate attendees of Northeastern, however, need not puzzle and ruminate the same way that I did – you have nuCAUSE at your fingertips.

nucause2013nuCAUSE (Creating Awareness and Understanding of Social Engagement Careers) is a program run by Career Services, designed to connect students with social change careers in non-profit, private, and government sectors. It has many very cool elements (the full list of the program’s details can be found here:, but the main part I’d like to draw your attention to is the nuCAUSE Career Expo, taking place on February 26. In short, the Expo seeks to connect socially-minded students with similarly focused employers. Expected places like AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps are on the list of currently registered organizations, but also attending are Advocates, Inc., which deals in psychiatry and substance abuse; and Interise, which assists small business owners in lower-income communities to grow their companies. So whether you’re a nursing major looking for a way to incorporate your time in community service organizations into a career, or a business student who joined Net Impact on a whim and loved it, you’ll likely find something at the Expo that feeds your need to keep giving back while also putting a paycheck in your hand.

But don’t take my word for it – check out the nuCAUSE Career Expo, talk to your friendly neighborhood Career Services counselor, or maybe another professional who will give you your own dumb-struck moment of glorious realization.  And maybe you’ll find yourself on a career path that brings together all the best parts of your experience at Northeastern – academics, leadership, and activism.


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