Top 5 Things To Do This Week!

Top 5 Things To Do This Week!!

    1. Register Your Student Organization- –The student organization registration deadline is February 1st. If you have questions about the registration requirements, please visit or contact
    2. Attend SOAR presentation for Paw Points— On January 30th SOAR will be hosting a presentation entitled How My Student Organization Got Me a Job (100 Paw Points) at 6-7pm in Room 333 and a Finance Board (100 Paw Points) workshop from 7-8pm in Room 333.  Come out and hear how current alumni have used their student organization experience in the real world. For more information, please visit
    3. Motivating New Members––After the Activities Fair, many of you have a list of new members who are ready to be a part of your organization.  It is important to motivate them to stay engaged with your organization.  Here are a few ideas to help you get started:
      1. Announce Kudos
      2. Give a prize
      3. Sponsor a group outing or potluck
      4. Have a game night during your normal meeting time
      5. Hand out creative certificates and awards
    4. Read the Campus Activities Blog and follow us on Instagram— Campus Activities is social!  Many of you follow us on Twitter and have liked us on Facebook, now follow us on Instagram and read our blog!  Send us photos of your student organization in action and we will post them on our Instagram page.  To see your photos and the photos we have taken at events around campus visit  Get connected to the Campus Activities office as we share important updates, fun craft tips, behind the scenes commentary and student organization resources via our blog at digitalmediacommons  It’s important to be informed, so read it, like it, tweet it, and post it—434CSC!!
    5. Have Fun @ the NU Basketball Game!– Tweet us a picture of your student organization at the game.  We love to see Student Organizations have fun!

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