Nifty Gifty: The LGBTQA Resource Center

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Hello and happy February!

After I released my first Nifty Gifty at the start of the new year, I found myself brainstorming what my upcoming Nifty Gifties might be. During that same week I found myself in a Pride Committee meeting (one of the bonus perks of my job where I am privileged to meet with some talented and interesting staff from around the University). We found ourselves engulfed in a brainstorming session about how to spread the word about the (fairly new) LGBTQA Resource Center on campus. And then it hit me…why not blog about this?!?

So today I would like to gift to you some knowledge about the LGBTQA Resource Center. The Center was established in 2011 through the Office of Student Affairs, as a part of Campus Activities. It is located in 328 Curry Student Center, and is staffed by a full-time member of the Campus Activities staff, Jace Kirschner (if you don’t know Jace, a visit to the center is well worth the trip – he’s fantastic and serves as our fearless leader on the Pride Committee!) The Center also shares the space with NU Pride, the undergraduate LGBTQA student organization on campus.

The Center serves as the hub of many helpful resources, fun programming and events, and is in the process of rolling out a newly revamped Safe Zone training series. Clearly there is a lot going on…so what are you waiting for?!? Go visit the LGBTQA Resource Center today! I guarantee you will enjoy your experience and may just find a new “home” on campus 🙂



Note: That’s Chris in the cover photo, and he is one of the super friendly student staff in the Center. I met him during the very brief photo shoot of the Center, and I’m sure he would love it if you stopped in to say hello!

Do you have an idea for a Nifty Gifty? Email me at and let me know what tidbit you have found useful!

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