Ask(ivich) Daskivich

Dear Daskivich,

I am presently a Northeastern student and member of a recognized student organization (or Northeastern faculty/staff member). I also have access to the internet. Is there any way for me to learn more about the capacities, capabilities, and availability of the spaces your office reserves… and the procedures by which these spaces can be reserved? You’re the best person ever; thanks!

Curious in Curry

Georege Washington

Dear Curious,

Thank you for the kind words, but I’m not really sure I should be considered the best person ever. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was probably better than me. Gandhi. I suppose George Washington. Dr. Laura Wankel. So maybe the fifth best.*



*Editor’s note: opinions expressed by Daskivich are not necessarily those of the Office of Campus Activities or Northeastern University as a whole.

Information on scheduling procedures can be found at Campus Activities’ Scheduling Office’s web site:

Members of registered student organizations (and Northeastern faculty/staff members) can learn about the capacities, capabilities, and availability of the spaces we reserve through our online scheduling service center, also known as “Virtual EMS.”

To access Virtual EMS, members of registered student organizations should visit; email from your Husky email account for log-in credentials, indicating which student organization you are a member of.

(Faculty/staff members can access Virtual EMS through the myNEU portal by clicking the “Meeting & Event Space Scheduling” link in the “Services and Links” tab.)

Once in the system, click the blue question-mark icons near the upper right-hand corner of each page for directions on how to navigate the system; click the Northeastern logo at the top at any time to return to the home page.

The functionality of this Virtual EMS online scheduling service center will be expanded in a few months, to include the self-booking or online requesting of all of our spaces; please check back for updates on this expansion of service.

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