Out Front with Quinn & Co.


The Front Desk in 434 CSC is your resource for all things Campus Activities! Over the next few weeks, I will be highlighting some of these top-notch services for you and your organization.

This week’s highlight? BALLOONS!!

Did you know that for each of your events, your organization can get up to 20 balloons in a rainbow of colors and the helium to fill it with for FREE? All you have to do is stop by the front desk to talk to me or any of the helpful work study students, they will get you the balloons and string in the colors of your choosing, and walk you down to the balloon closet on the 1st floor so you can fill them up. If you ever need to fill up balloons when our office isn’t open (either later in the evenings or on the weekend), stop by our desk during our office hours and we will give you a permission slip to take down to the 3rd floor operations desk to get access to the balloon closet.

Make your next event really POP! (pun intended) with colorful balloons from Campus Activities!

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