434CSC Update Series Pt. 1

Students often ask our staff, “what are your summer plans?”  As university staff, we tend to take the summer to evaluate, refresh, and prepare for the  fall.  This summer will be a bit different for our team.  We are off to an exciting start of a change in structure and name.  I am excited to document and share these changes with all involved with our office.  This is just part one of the many updates to come, as we work to keep our students in the loop about what to expect come fall.

If you’ve ever been up to the 434 Curry Student Center hallway, you know that the space is filled with a diverse and fun group of staff members.  Previously, our staff members were technically split into multiple offices.  We have always worked together and felt like a family.  As of today, we have officially become one office!  Our new office, the Center for Student Involvement, will consist of: fraternity/sorority life, student leadership, and student engagement.  We’ll be working as one team to bring student organizations and individuals the best co-curricular experiences possible.  We hope that we will continue to be a resource to further the experiential learning (and FUN) happening here at NU.  Check out our new logo below, and keep an eye out for more updates as the summer goes along!

CSI Logo

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