434CSC Update Series Pt. 2

CSI LogoTwo weeks ago, I wrote about the new name of our office (Center for Student Involvement) and some structure changes.  I promised more updates, so today I want to write about some awesome new student volunteer/employment opportunities in the CSI (catchy acronym, right?)!   Our staff is devoted to supporting our students in all facets of their involvement on campus.  We are lucky to work everyday with such passionate and innovative students, who are excited to keep the campus alive with amazing programming and events.  The passion is inspiring, exciting, amazing…and at times, a bit overwhelming for our staff.  We found that sometimes we could get so involved with contracts and insurance certificates that we couldn’t focus any attention on getting to know our students, or on growing and nurturing the community and the programs that we offer.

This is where we saw an opportunity for some innovation of our own!  In thinking about how we could keep up with the growing amount of activity from our student organizations, we could think of no one more awesome to help than our own students!  From here, the idea of the CSI Programming Crew was born.  The CSI Programming Crew is a group of students that will work with student organizations on the programming and event planning process.  The positions will be funded by work-study, (we take volunteers too) and will provide students with the opportunity to get some serious event-planning experience, while working in an awesome office, and developing leadership skills.  Our crew members will have the inside scoop on everything happening on campus, and will be able to provide creative input and feedback to their peers.  Speaking of creativity, we’re also looking for a few crew members who will be able to assist students in creating marketing for their events.

If this sounds like an opportunity you’re interested in, send me an email (d.walker@neu.edu).  If not, pass it along to your friends; we’re looking for some awesome students to fill the positions!

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for our next set of updates (Yup, there are even more!)

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