Nifty Gifty: GSG Finds a New Home

Hello and happy September!

Hard to believe another academic year has begun! This time of year is so exciting because all of the changes that occurred over the summer months can now be introduced to the student populations they directly impact. This year there were quite a few changes in the Curry Student Center, but the one I would like to focus on is 236 CSC. If you are a graduate student, this post is for you!

Did you know the Graduate Student Government used to have an office in 104 Ell Hall? Maybe this is news to you since their space used to be so small – about the size of a closet! They couldn’t fit more than a couple people in that space at a time, so it was decided to move them to the Curry Student Center. I mean, as representatives of the graduate student community, that’s really where they belong! An underutilized storage space was pinpointed for their use, and they have been working to transform the space into a functional office and lounge space. It’s still somewhat of a work in progress, but will be open in the coming weeks – so stay tuned and stop in to 236 CSC to say hello!

GSG Office Lounge copy GSG Office Sign

The GSG has their first event of the year tomorrow, September 12th, at 2:00pm in the Curry Ballroom. All graduate students are invited to attend the welcome reception to mingle with other graduate students and find out more about the numerous graduate student organizations on campus. Hope to see you there!


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