Online Scheduling is Coming

The Long Summer is over.  Online Scheduling is coming.

Greetings from North of the (Scheduling) Wall, I’m Casey Mulcare and I am the new Coordinator of Scheduling Operations here in CSI.  I am here to help you schedule space for any and all of your group’s needs, along with my team of talented student staff members.  Please feel free to drop by and say hello, there are many new faces (and spaces, did you see the Programming Lab on the 2nd floor?!) around the office!  These postings will mostly be about how to schedule effectively, how to use our services, and how to get the most out of your meetings and events.  I’ll be happy to take any questions and answer them in this blog, simply email me at


To add to all the “new-ness” in the office, CSI Scheduling has an announcement of our own!

We are happy to unveil our new online scheduling program, NUSSO!  Northeastern University Space Scheduling Online (NUSSO…clever right?) is a new tool we’re debuting in the next few weeks that will allow you to book and request your spaces  online, right from the comfort of your apartment, residence hall, or the back of the class you probably should be paying attention to.  The website is live now, but currently, all you can do is browse for open spaces, and then contact us to book or request them.  Now, you can do it all yourself.  No more unsavory human interactions!

You will access NUSSO through the myNEU portal; log in as you normally would and click over to the “Self-Service” tab along the top of the page.  In the middle of the page, you’ll see the link to NUSSO.  (This is where the link will be placed once the system is ready to go.)


You’ll be able to book the same spaces you are used to, including the John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute, Snell Library, Curry Student Center, Dodge Hall, the Fenway Center, among others, in a matter of minutes.  Simply follow the prompts, call the Scheduling Office for questions on how to use it, and look out for multiple trainings and guides.

The Scheduling Office will be here to help everyone transition to this new system and walk you through the process.  Once we switch over officially, we will no longer be taking walk-ins, calls or emails.  Instead, we will be directing you to the page.  And again, if you run into trouble, we’re here to help.  The number here is 617-373-2632, please call if you need assistance or stop by and we’ll walk you through the process and teach you!

Look out for the official launch announcement sometime in the next few weeks!

And so my watch begins,


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