Maximizing Your Recruitment Experience


Joining a fraternity or sorority can be an exciting, life-changing experience.  The process of going through “rush” or recruitment, however, can be rather stressful.  Here are three quick tips on how to maximize your recruitment experience.

1. Be your authentic self.  Recruitment is an opportunity for the chapter and its members to get to know you, but also for you to get to know them.  These members are interested in getting to know the real you, and not the person you think they want you to be.  Each chapter is different and unique in their own way.  Recruitment is your opportunity to show up as your true, authentic self and find a chapter of people who accept you for who you already are.

2. Consider why you are interested in joining a fraternity or sorority.  Involvement in a fraternity or sorority is an experience that should change your life for the better.  Yes, it’s true these organizations provide fun opportunities to socialize and establish life-long friendships, but those are not the only experiences they offer.  Fraternities and sororities were created to enhance the development of men and women through opportunities which include leadership development, scholastic achievement, and participation in service.  If you are only looking for a “social” experience, then involvement in a fraternity or sorority may not be for you.

3. Be open-minded and have fun!  Through recruitment, you meet a variety of different people who represent chapters that provide completely different experiences.  Make sure you are open to meeting new people, learning about what their organizations do, and thinking about what experience best fits who you are and what you want.  The recruitment process may seem long and even stressful at times, but remember to take a deep breath and have fun at the different recruitment events.



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