Leaders of Northeastern: A Fresh Start

BLUEPRINT participants Danielle Antico and Spencer Howell, excited to make their mark on campus!

Many of you may be wondering about the new faces you’ve seen up in 434, so let me start off by introducing myself!  My name is Hayley Haywood, and I am proud to be the new Assistant Director for Leadership Initiatives here in the Center for Student Involvement.  Empowering others to become leaders and advocate for positive social change is one of my greatest passions, and I am excited to be doing such critical work in such a vibrant community.  Prior to Northeastern, I worked at the Maryland Institute College of Art as the Assistant Director of Student Activities, and with me, I bring my love for the arts and creativity.  This blog was inspired by an initiative I started with MICA’s Student Voice Association entitled Humans of MICA (which was modeled after Humans of New York—if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a Google).

Part of leadership is being able to recognize others for their character, dedication, and growth.  Another key part of leadership is being able to build community.  Well, what better way to build our community than to get to know a little more about one another, and celebrate our journeys toward becoming better leaders?  Each month, I will be recognizing a student leader (or group of students) in an effort to stay connected to the pulse of the university (you all) and continue to learn about all of the magic that makes Northeastern such a special place to be.

For my first post, I chose the BLUEPRINT students because they are beginning their fresh start by leading by example.  They’ve entered a new community, begun a new adventure, and have dedicated themselves to learning a bit about leadership along the way.  These students are our next generation of student organization leaders, community enhancers, social change agents, and Northeastern ambassadors, and it is my honor to be working with them this semester!

Keep the spark alive!


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