North of the (Scheduling) Wall: NUSSO is Here!


The wait is over; Northeastern University Space Scheduling Online (NUSSO) has finally arrived.

The new online scheduling program will allow student leaders to book and request spaces via any computer.  You can make bookings wherever you can access the internet!  Neat-o gang, neat-o.

Couple of rules and regulations about NUSSO though, so listen up.  Only student leaders designated as “President,” “Treasurer,” or “Scheduling Coordinator” on your group’s OrgSync profile can book Center for Student Involvement-controlled spaces.  Please make sure your OrgSync profiles are up to date with correct NU ID numbers, otherwise you will run into issues when trying to booking space.  Also make sure you’re designating someone in your group as the “Scheduling Coordinator,” if you haven’t already.

However, any student can use NUSSO to book study rooms or workstations in the Snell Library!  So that’s nifty.

So, how do student leaders get in on this goodness?  Simply log onto myNEU, select the “Self-Service” tab, and click on the NU Space Scheduling Online link.  From there you can book spaces for meetings and request reservations for larger Major Event Venues (like Blackman and the Ballroom.)  You will no longer have to fill out the “Major Event Request Form.”  We will now take the information from NUSSO, so be sure to be descriptive as possible when requesting space!

The system is easy to use and contains detailed information about the rooms you can reserve, the policies of booking spaces, and how to effectively navigate the system.  We also created a helpful step-by-step Powerpoint (also found under “Files” on your group’s OrgSync page as “NUSSO Training”) which  walks you through the site.

We will be continuously updating the system with your group’s previous bookings, so please be aware that you might not see those reservations right away; they are still in our system and will not be double-booked.  You don’t need to rebook your spaces either, everything is in there!

I’m also doing some trainings on this handy new program – please RSVP and specify which one you’d like to attend:

  • Tuesday, 10/1: 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM in 340 Curry
  • Wednesday, 10/3: 4 PM – 5 PM in 340 Curry
  • Wednesday, 10/9: 5 PM – 6 PM in 342 Curry

These trainings are also good for those elusive Paw Points; see the SOAR website for more details.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact the Scheduling Desk at (617) 373-2632, or email me at

We hope this new system will make booking spaces easier and more convenient for you!

And so my watch begins,


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