The Big Move

The Big Move

For the past two and a half years I have had the privilege of sitting at our office’s front desk and a lot has changed in such a short amount of time.  When I first arrived, we were Student Activities, then Campus Activities, Fraternity/Sorority Life & Student Leadership (quite a mouthful), and now the Center for Student Involvement.  Aside from having to keep repainting over our front office sign, we have also joined the digital age with OrgSync and virtual scheduling, added 6 awesome new staff members, created Leadership Councils, opened the fabulous Programming Lab, and many more!  From my position out front, I got the chance to see all of these changes unfold firsthand.

Now I have to get used to some changes of my own as I have moved from my out front position to behind a wall in our “Think Tank” area which I share with two other fabulous colleagues.  While I may have only moved a total of 10 feet and can still see and hear much of what goes on out front, it is still hard to get used to. While I will definitely miss sharing the front office with our stellar co-op and work study students, learning tidbits about Northeastern by answering the most random assortment of questions from passersby, and singlehandedly selling hundreds (if not thousands) of movie tickets, I also know that my new home will allow me to start some exciting new projects and initiatives of my own.

While you may miss my shining, smiling face out front, you can always stop by and say hi at my new locale!

And as always…

Stay classy Northeastern,

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