To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn

With the first sighting of leaves changing colors, we have now entered into fall.  The fall transitions the summer to winter and asks us to harvest our crops.  The weather gets colder and the food gets heartier.  The days get shorter and the nights become longer.  People wear more layers and stay more inside the comfort of their homes.

Campus in Fall 2011

As I looked across my Instagram feed today, I noticed a fitting quote for this time of the year:

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

What’s striking to me is that while fall is seen as a time where life dies down, it is also seen as an avenue for opportunity, growth, and rebirth.  Fall provides people with the opportunity for reflection.  While the summer asks us to act and do, I see fall as a time to inquire and process.  There is an opportunity to look critically at ourselves, our work, our relationships, and our life during this time.  As the environment around us is changing, we can do the same.

I do not view change as a complete reversal of the past to the future.  I stay true to the belief that change is advancement or elevation.  Change is not reinventing the wheel, but rather moving it forward.  I learned that in order to change or believe in change, one must first become vulnerable to the unknown.  We are not certain if the change(s) we make will be successful.  However, we must find courage in the unknown.  Be courageous in making these new changes.  Be confident in your ability that these changes are purposeful.  Do not change something in your life unless it is required.

So I leave you today with a passage from the 1950s hit “Turn! Turn! Turn!” from The Byrds.  While the song is adapted from a religious text, it is still applicable for all:

“To everything, turn, turn, turn.  There is a season, turn, turn, turn.  And a time to every purpose.”

Let fall allow you the opportunity for change and embrace the possibilities it has in store for you.

With Love,

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