Changing of the Guard

Just as I am settling into my new position here at Northeastern, many student groups are also settling into the groove of their new semester. Many groups have welcomed new members, had an event or two, and had some meetings to establish their plans for the rest of the year.  It’s an exciting time, with new ideas and new energy flowing throughout the campus.


A few groups may also have added some new leadership to the group as well. It’s important that groups start updating (if you haven’t already) their OrgSync accounts with their new members and with their proper executive boards as well.  This is especially important for my office, as we pull information from OrgSync to determine who in your group can book space through our online scheduling system, NUSSO.  As a reminder, only your President, Treasurer, or someone designated as your Scheduling Coordinator (it can be any member of your group you feel has the right stuff to schedule space for you) can schedule space for your group on NUSSO.  We hope this change to having the scheduling duties consolidated to three people will keep us all better organized!

Another important tip when welcoming new leadership is to “show what you know.”  All that good knowledge your senior leadership knows should be passed along to new blood to keep your organization alive and thriving.  Be sure to show your new leadership around the CSI Office in 434 CSC (don’t forget the Programming Lab in 240) and meet the supportive staff we have in place to make your year a successful one!  I’d personally be happy to sit down with new members and take them through the NUSSO system and talk to them about the importance of planning ahead, especially as the semester picks up and classwork begins to pile up.  It will be mid-terms before you know it (Too soon? Too soon).

And so my watch continues…

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