One New Thing a Week


I celebrated my 24th birthday over the summer and I realized that I will soon be celebrating a quarter century of life.  Buzzfeed and Thought Catalog and all of the other snarky websites out there tell you that your 20s are the best/worst/most terrifying/most life-changing years of your life.  The years when you should be experiencing a series of emotions on every inch of the spectrum at any given moment of time.  Now, I’m not the most interesting person in the world, so not too many of these articles are all that relevant to me.  But, when my best friend and I both celebrated our birthdays this summer, we made a deal to try something new every week so we didn’t find ourselves in a rut before 25.  Not every experience needs to be life altering, and some weeks, my experiences are way less exciting and adventurous than others.

Like I said, I’m not the most interesting person, so some of the new things that I have tried may seem typical to others.  Like my first time trying Indian food (delicious) or my first-ever kettle bell class (ow).  They may seem simple, but challenging yourself to try something new and embracing change is what makes these experiences significant.  I’ve also taken a rock-climbing lesson, which I had always wanted to try, but had never gotten around to actually doing.  I’m volunteering and presenting at a conference at the end of the month, which is completely out of my comfort zone.  My roommates and I are going to take a class on rolling maki and making sushi rolls.

Trying new things does not need to be difficult, and you never know what may come out of it.  Your 20s may be the time to make big things out of your life, but college is really the time to start discovering yourself and determining what you want out of life’s experiences.  So take that unique class outside of your major that none of your friends are in or run for a leadership role within your student organization or sign up for that class at the gym that you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve always been too embarrassed (yoga, anyone?).  Try something new, because you never know what can happen.  College is a time to learn not only more about your field of study, but also more about yourself.  I’m still kicking myself for going 24 years without Tikka Masala.

What new thing will you try this week?

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