Leaders of Northeastern: Embracing Change

Change is at the heart of the Northeastern culture.  Our community is always in flux with the intertwining of new co-ops and classes, international study abroad, and all the transitions that weave together to create the unique college experience.  Whether it’s a new project or a new hairstyle, a new experience, or a new challenge – life is always in motion.  Leadership opportunities present new possibilities and prompt us to change not only how we view the world, but how we view ourselves.

UnknownPhoto credit: Liat Desta

This month, I’m featuring Nicole Thomas, a student leader who embodies this month’s theme, “embracing change.” I thought of her immediately because she is engaged in a vibrant co-op experience at Wellington Management, serves as a new Leadership Consultant, and holds the title of  vice president of the Unity Gospel Ensemble with a brand new executive board this year. Talk about change and transition!  Being Vice President was a bit nerve-wrecking for Nikki at first, as it was her first executive board position, but she pushed through those feelings and dove into this new role with an open mind, motivated by a quote from Harry Truman:

“Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.”

When asked about this experience, she shared,

“With each step we take, we learn from our previous mistakes and try to set our organization up for success in the future.  As an e-board we approach everything from our mission statement, to planning events with an open mind, new perspectives, and innovative ideas.  Every obstacle can have a positive learning outcome if you’re willing to look for it.”

Nikki hopes that her fellow students will,

“first embrace personal change.  Self-development and growth enables us to handle constant change. Most importantly keep an open mind – create new ways of thinking and acting, and you will be able to sustain the results of change for yourself and your community.”

If any of you are in the midst of leadership transitions, keep your head up, and rest assured that it is all a part of becoming the best leader possible.

As a Leadership Consultant, Nicole is here to help you as you embrace your role as a leader.  Catch her downstairs in CSC 240 (the CSI Programming Lab) on Thursdays from 7 – 8 PM for tips on running an effective student organization, how to navigate executive board transitions, setting goals, planning retreats, and many more useful topics!  For more information on Leadership Consultants and how they can help you maximize your team’s potential, check out our website!

Keep the spark alive!

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