Change is Coming


Sorority Bid Day is by far one of the liveliest days of the academic year.  I love the enthusiasm, cheers, anticipation, and feelings of accomplishment that are felt amongst 900 women.  Both potential members and initiated members alike feel a significant sense of relief.  Yes, they persisted.  They made it through this exhausting experience and each organization will be better because of the time spent participating.  But how many think, at this moment, will my organization change?


The process of bringing in new members is the full commitment to evolutionary change.  Members are acknowledging that new personalities, skills, and characteristics are entering an organization.  When working with fraternity/sorority members, I often notice they are stuck in tradition.  They are stuck in the “we have always done this” and “we must respect our alumni by continuing this tradition.”  I believe in tradition, but I also believe in a changing context, which includes the necessity for changing practices.

Corinne of Kappa Delta

This fall semester, spend time getting to know your new members’ talents, personalities, and characteristics, and then empower them to design the future of your organization.  If you want your organization to be relevant in 50 years, then you must understand with each new member comes a new talent that the organization would be foolish to look beyond. With that, I challenge you to strive for innovation not redundancy.

Go for it,

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