To Infinity and Beyond Off Campus

Taste 2013 photo
Taste of Off Campus

This post was written by Rebecca Regan, the Program Coordinator for Off Campus Student Services, and submitted as a guest post for Scribbles & Tidbits.

The day I moved into my first apartment I was ecstatic…and then terrified.  How do I pay my bills? How am I going to cook for myself?  Really…what am I doing here!? And other varied questions of doubt.  For many of you Huskies who moved into new apartments (whether it’s your first or your third) on September 1, congratulations!  This is a really exciting new experience that comes with a host of new challenges and responsibilities.

Wake Up Wednesday OCSS group photo- 2013
Wake Up Wednesday Team

I’m sure by now you have discovered the grocery store (or resorted back to NU dining after setting off the smoke alarm!), had to pay your first electric bill, and realized that your neighbors are not always students. Though the transition can be tough at times, remember the exciting parts of having your very own space!  In fact, here are some great tips to keep in mind for your new life, off campus.

      1. Get Involved in your Community!  You will always be an important part of the Northeastern community and now you are also an important part of your off-campus community, whether it’s in Fenway, the South End, Mission Hill, or any of the other amazing communities in the Boston area.  Join one of our Breakfast Club events on a Sunday in the Fall and Spring!  Meet up with other awesome NU students and clean up the streets in Mission Hill and Fenway for an hour.  We even buy you breakfast after!
      2. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and be considerate!  Developing a good relationship with your neighbor is really important.  Share contact information in case of emergencies while you’re away. Neighbors can also be helpful, friendly, and a good resource.  Remember that your neighbors are close, so don’t blast your music and always be considerate when they voice a concern.
      3. Get information and ask questions!  Problem with your landlord?  Want to get involved in your community?  Remember that you can always come to Off Campus Student Services in Curry Student Center 226 or visit us online!
Breakfast club 10.20.13
Breakfast Club


Rebecca Regan

Rebecca Regan recently began her adventure at Northeastern in May as the Program Coordinator in Off Campus Student Services.  She loves meeting with students about their off-campus living questions and concerns, and does a lot of program planning to pass on fun and useful information to NU Huskies!  For more event updates and news, connect with Off Campus on Twitter and Facebook!

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