Teeter-Totter Time


The 48 hour stretch of teeter-tottering (say that one five times in a row) has rolled around once again!  Sigma Sigma Sigma is “camped” out in front of Ell on Krentzman Quad to raise awareness and funds for the Robbie Page Memorial Fund for  Children’s Play Therapy.

Make sure you stop by and say hello while the teeter-totter is out there for its 20th annual go-around.  The women of Sigma Sigma Sigma will be out there teeter-tottering (in the cold, nonetheless) until tomorrow at 12 PM.


Not in the area?  Follow photos of the event on their Instagram and Twitter!DSC_1149

Does your student org., fraternity, or sorority have an event you want to showcase on Scribbles & Tidbits?  Email Gabi at g.valladares@neu.edu for details!

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