Changing Things Up

For those of you who know me, you are aware that I can be a relatively quirky person. If a life experience can be related to a Saturday Night Live skit, I will most likely do a (poor) impersonation.  I enjoy taking time out of a busy day to stop and chat with people, talk about random things like peacock feathers on top of bridal veils or to ponder if the 2013 me would hire the 2005 me.  It’s just how I’m built: if I’m not having fun, nothing gets done.

Lately I have been obsessed with changing things up.  Why do things have to be so stale and consistent?  Why not take more risks and do new things?  If I had carte blanche and could do anything that I wanted, here are…

The top five things that I would do to change things up (at work and in life!):

  • No more meetings at conference tables.  I would replace that conservative conference table with a rock-climbing wall.  If you wanted to meet with me we would be suspended in the air grabbing onto little fake rocks.  It would almost ensure productivity and a meeting where you wouldn’t need to take notes.  You would certainly remember what we talked about, wouldn’t you?


  • Goodbye private offices, hello collaborative spaces.  Everyone on my staff is reading this with little beads of sweat forming on their forehead and an emphatic “no” forming on their lips. There would be a sleek table where we would all sit with laptops.  Of course we would have trendy little meeting pods for private conversations, but in order to collaborate we would be in the same space.


  • Endless supply of fresh flowers.  Flowers make me smile, so I would buy myself a little batch every few days.  I’d often stop by my favorite farmers market and grab a fragrant bunch.


  • Write more letters.  I’d buy myself a fancy pen and some really nice paper and would write to people.  The last letter I wrote in my own hand and mailed to someone was in 1999.  If I remember correctly, the person I wrote to responded back with an email.
  • Be less afraid to make other changes.  Routine is such a snoozer, so why do I always feel better when things go as planned?  One change I would love to make is to be able to get up at 5am and accomplish more before I leave for work at 7:30 than most people accomplish all day long.  I’d enjoy my coffee, getting caught up on some of my favorite blogs that I don’t have time to read regularly, maybe go out and get some cardio in the morning air (or not), and maybe pay some bills (or not).  The point is 5-7:30am would be “me time.”


What simple yet significant changes would you make?

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