Love Yourself

We recently “fell back” this Saturday night, giving us folks who participate in Daylight Savings Time an extra hour to our normal 168-hour week.  While I’m still confused by this phenomenon that gives us an extra hour in the fall and snatches an hour of our time in the spring, I digress.  What could we do with our time if we were given an extra hour?  What could we accomplish?  What could we learn?

My answer: love yourself.  Take the extra hour to love yourself, and know why you love you.

There are far too many expectations and philosophies guiding our worldview that ask us to give our undivided time and energy to others.  We are taught to be selfless.  We are asked to develop others.  But when are we allowed to think about us?  When is it ok to preserve our well-being, our state of mind?

I am not saying that we must rid ourselves of humility or stop caring for the people in our lives; these traits are essential to our development of moving from autonomous beings to people of interdependence.  However, rarely do we take the time to sit down and think about the successes gained, discoveries made, and lessons learned for ourselves, by ourselves.  Appreciate you and the person you have become these past however many years.  Find out why you are a worthy person, because you know what?  You are worthy.  You are absolutely worthy of so much in this world.

The lesson here is to strike a harmonious chord between care for others and care for self.  Discover how you can love yourself, in a healthy manner, more than you do now.  This is why I believe we must consistently recharge our own batteries, before igniting our efforts to help others.

So, I leave you with a poignant .gif to reiterate my point through the lens of a fabulous drag queen:

With love,

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