Crochet Your Way into November

Hello and happy November!

Have you adjusted to Daylight Savings yet?  I certainly enjoyed that extra hour, and appreciate that it is now much lighter outside when my alarm goes off in the morning (even if I know that won’t last much longer as we quickly approach the shortest day of the year).

This past weekend I used my extra hour to celebrate New England sports teams – I attended the Red Sox parade on Saturday (World Series champs, baby!) and was fortunate to score tickets to the Patriots game on Sunday (thanks, Dad!).  A jam-packed weekend like this past one was a bit unusual for me – I typically spend my weekends doing laundry and running errands to prepare for the work week – I know, super lame.

10585115476_10ac8cd825_kImage via Chris Devers


But what if I had an extra hour every day – what would I do with it?

I think I would spend more time crocheting.  This is a craft I picked up about a year ago, and was the inspiration for my blog category name, Nifty Gifties.  It’s a hobby I really enjoy, but don’t often find enough time to do.  I think I like it so much because I always end up with a finished project, whether that be a scarf for me to enjoy during the cold, winter months, or a blanket to send off to a friend across the country who just had her first child.

In fact, I currently have two projects going:

A bobble stitch, striped baby blanket for a friend who has a baby due in January (fingers crossed I finish that project in time!).

blackberry2-copyImage via Moogly

 And a thick, winter headband to keep someone’s ears warm during the upcoming colder months. I think I will end up donating that as an auction prize for an upcoming conference I am attending.

IMG_0204Image via Mel P Design

If you’ve ever considered learning to crochet, I highly recommend it. It’s easy to learn (I taught myself through YouTube clips and online resources!) and the things you can create are pretty phenomenal.

Do you have an idea for a Nifty Gifty? Email me at and let me know what tidbit you have found useful!



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