Making Time for What Matters

How many of us can relate to Darius (HIS NAME ISN’T HOOTIE?!) here?  Just not enough hours in the day.  Wrestling against time to get just another ounce of productivity out of your day seems to be a constant battle many of us face.  So while Hootie and the Blowfish sing how they “…don’t believe in time,”  I very much believe, if not bow down to, the heavy hand of time and how it dictates my life.  So when faced with the question of how I would use an elusive extra hour in my life each week, I come up with many answers.

Would I devote it to getting more done at work? We all have a project that could use some i attention.  Companies like Google allow employees time away from their assigned duties to think creatively about projects they’re passionate about, but may not have time for otherwise. Imagine what Student Affairs wonders I could create with that extra time!  My friend claims he came up with the idea for Jar-With-A-Twist years ago, but never had the time to dedicate to it.  Personally, I still am looking for royalties from the PeaPod creation.  But, I digress.

While being more productive seems like the most useful way to consume my extra hour, I think we could all use more time for ourselves.  Time for hobbies, friends and family, or simply relaxing.  How often do we take time and make it our own?  For me, I’d like to spend more time in my new city and enjoy the fall before we go from this:

Image via Flickr

To this:

Image via the Daily News

Or spend more time catching up on reading; something I’ve found I actually enjoy again now that I’m done with those riveting graduate school assignments.

Image via PHD Comics

Regardless of how you use time, I believe there is no wrong answer, as long as it is being used for something that is bettering yourself.  Be it professionally or personally, time used to better yourself is time used wisely, regardless if you believe in it… (see what I did there?).

And so my watch continues…

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