5 Things I Would Do With an Extra Hour

At the end of my blog post last month, I started to ponder what I would do if I had extra time in my day to get things done – actually, I’ve been musing about this thought ever since.  How precious time is, right?  What if we had more?

Here are 5 things I would do with an extra hour each week:

Before I begin, the smart thing for me to say here would be, “I’d start new projects at work,” or “focus more on my doctoral studies” but truthfully, we devote more time each year to working than the French and German do, so I think I’ll have to pass on that.

  • Week One: Bikram Yoga. I’ve always been intrigued by yoga and have admired people who knowingly spend time baking in 105 degree heat for the sake of fitness and relaxation. I’ve never met a stressed out yogi, so I think there would be some merit in me carving some time out of my day to turn up the heat.

Image via JFGryphon

  • Week Two: Become a sailor. I spent my summers as a kid in the Thousand Island region of New York and was never happier than when I was on the water. Granted it was a tin boat with a rented motor, but it was the most peaceful place on earth. I even baited my own hooks and caught fish that we ate later that day. To those who know me that might come as a shock, but it was some of the best times in my life. I’d like to learn how to sail right here in Boston to relive some of that.
  • Week Three: Take a class at Grub Street. A year or so ago I took a class with one of my best friends and it was enlightening and very soul searching. Our teacher was a published yet unknown author who led us all in an exercise of discovering our own narrative. We wrote about impactful moments from our childhood and read them aloud to the class (some of our classmates were over sharers, let me tell you). My friend and I still talk about how impactful this class was and I would love to do more of these.

Image via Kattebelletje

  • Week Four: I would volunteer as a museum docent. I love the arts and would give tours at one of the museums around here. I could wear my bow ties (and maybe a pair of Warby Parkers) and ramble enthusiastically about Rembrandt. Absolutely divine.
  • Every Week: Get in touch with the people I miss. I have college friends who haven’t caught the Facebook bug yet (and probably never will) so calling them is my only option. I’d use some extra time to give them my undivided attention and gush with them about their children, jobs, and their accomplishments. We’d laugh and remind each other about times we would rather forget and make plans to get together when I go home for New Year’s. That would be so much more fulfilling that 140 characters or less.

However you spend your extra time, make it count.

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