In 2014 I Will…..Book Events Ahead of Time

Hit the gym more?  Too much like work.  Read more?  But, Netflix!  Eat healthier?  Does more vegetables on my pizza count?


New Year’s resolutions are hard, we get it; rarely do people keep them and we fall back into our old habits.  It’s human nature.  But, one resolution I think I can help student groups with is planning ahead and securing the most ideal space for in 2014 and 2015.

Starting this semester, the CSI Scheduling Office will roll out the Call for Programs.  This invitation for events and meetings will ask any recognized student group or department on campus for their space requests for programs, as well as weekly group meetings.  We gather this massive amount of data and sort through it and try to make the best use of space so everyone knows where they stand with space come the fall 2014 semester.

Be sure to keep an eye out for this email!  We give you over a month to plan and submit your requests with your group.  Here are some helpful hints:

  • Be FLEXIBLE.  Space is limited, be sure to add in a backup date.
  • Remember rehearsal times!  It is easier to find rehearsal times for an event (if needed) when submitted with the event at the same time.
  • Give us correct contact info!  If your leadership is changing or graduating, be sure to have someone else as the contact person.  It won’t help your group if we email someone who isn’t in your group anymore.

Once we gather this info at the end of the semester, we process it throughout May and try to get results out in June.  Last year we received over 800 space requests, so be sure to get yours in with the rest of campus, or risk not having space for your activity!

If you ever have questions about the Call for Programs process, or scheduling in general, feel free to stop in the office.

And so my watch continues,

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