Snapshots from the Winter Involvement Fair

DSC_1629Thanks to the hard work from the CSI team (special shout-out to Desiree for her phenomenal event coordination skills), the Winter Involvement Fair was a success!  We had a blast checking out all of the student organization booths, snacking on popcorn, and running the #throwbackthursday table (Fun Dip? Yes, please).  We even filmed a few slow-motion videos after the fair came to an end, which you’ll be able to see on our Facebook later today.

DSC_1654Thanks to the awesome Empower team, we were able to set up a slow-motion video booth for everyone at the fair to use.  They even displayed all of the clips right on the screens in Curry!  We sure did find ourselves stopping midstep just to watch some of the hilarious videos.  Did you or your student group jump in on the slow-motion video action?  Post your clips here – we’d love to see them!  Oh, and make sure you follow our Empower friends on Twitter!

DSC_1681 DSC_1694 DSC_1719 DSC_1723 DSC_1753Interested in working with CSI and helping us plan other awesome events like the Involvement Fair?  Check out the positions we’re hiring for here!

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