S.M.A.R.T. (Goal Setting)

Every January we are inundated with family, friends, television, and local gyms asking about our resolutions for the year. I often ponder, “who really thinks in calendar years when my world operates in academic year cycles?”  Nevertheless, I have never been one to think of a resolution to fix something.  Sure, I have goals.  I’d love to actually enjoy running this year or I’d like to be more patient, but for me these are simply fantasy statements put into the universe.

What seems to work for me is honest goal setting.  I need to be realistic with myself about what I want to achieve and how I am going to make that happen.  Not just some fluffy words, but I need to give myself measurable outcomes.  Now that may seem too technical or impersonal, but I promise it works.

Student organizations often have lofty goals, too. We’d like to collaborate more, we want to do more programs, or we need to be more organized.  My first question is typically, but how?  I found this handy Pinterest infographic that has helped me through many resolutions (read: goal setting) time and time again.  I encourage you to explore the graphic and see how it could benefit both you and your organization.


Just go for it!

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