Setting Achievable Goals

I typically am not one for New Year’s resolutions; I prefer to set mini goals for myself at the start of each month to help my long terms goals feel more attainable. However, as 2014 approached I found myself contemplating how I could have more fun in 2014 and I realized there was one thing missing from my life: going to see more live performances.  Growing up, my family had a subscription to see the Broadway musicals that would come through the local theatre, in high school I attended a performing arts high school for music performance, and going to college in Boston there was a never ending stream of concerts and events happening that always allowed for a few outings per month to see theatre, music or dance productions – especially with all the great student discounts available around the city as well as all the opportunities on campus.


So, as I was pondering my goals for 2014 I realized that in the few years since graduating from college, my attempts to see a theatre production or check out a new band have dwindled. I chalk it up to the lack of having a student discount and my attempts to slash extraneous spending to help bulk up my savings account.  But then, after attending an inspiring production of ArtsEmerson’s Kiss & Cry this fall, I realized that some things are just important to include in your life, and for me it’s experiencing live performances.


So I’ve decided to allot a monthly budget for ‘entertainment’ and am excited to see what 2014 brings in terms of experiencing new artists and performers. I signed up for ArtsBoston’s newsletter, which tracks every performing arts event in the city and also sells half price tickets to the events. Being a music lover, I am pretty excited to start attending more concerts and there are some upcoming ones that I am really looking forward to this month, especially going to see Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers after discovering them at the Newport Folk Festival this summer.

I’d love to hear which events you are most excited about in the next few months, a new band you’ve been really in to lately or a can’t miss art opportunity!

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