Get Involved: Join the Elections Committee!


Kick Off EventThis article was written by Student Government Association member (and CSI work study!), Amanda Donati, and submitted as a guest post for Scribbles & Tidbits.

If you’ve been around Northeastern for a few years now, I’ve probably asked you to vote.

No, not in a national election, or even the mayoral one we had this past fall.

I’ve more than likely asked you to vote for your student body President and Executive Vice President.

Freshmen, don’t worry, I’m coming for you, too.

For the last four years, I have been a part of the Elections Committee; we’re responsible for running and overseeing the election every year, and this year it will happen again in March.

Kick Off IV

But this year, I want to do things differently. As the Chair of the Elections Committee, I want to see as many different students as possible participate in the planning the election this year. If you like talking to people, great! If you like creating artwork and flyers that will be displayed around campus, perfect! If you have ever stopped and said to yourself, “I really wish someone would do (insert your idea here)” then there’s a role for you on Elections Committee. kick off VI Kick Off III

Here’s a snapshot of what we do:

  • Plan debates and events as outreach for the student body
  • Work with local vendors to help sponsor the election
  • Talk with the undergraduate student body to facilitate and encourage voting
  • Create a huge promotions theme and plan for the cycle
  • Connect with student groups all over campus to help them change things at Northeastern

So, if this sounds like the kind of thing you would be interested in, stop by our Committee meetings at 6pm in 435 Curry, or send me an email at I would love to hear from you, and would love to see new faces!


Amanda Donati


Amanda Donati is the Elections Committee Chair for the Student Government Association. She is a senior Political Science and International Affairs student, and is an active member of the student body.

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