Get Creative With Programming in 2014!

Attention student organizations: It’s time to get creative with your programming in 2014!


Do any of your student organization’s goals this semester revolve around programming?  Do you have a goal to increase the number of general students who attend your events?  Maybe you’re hoping your entire e-board will attend all of the events that your own organization sponsors?  Or maybe your organization is planning to attend an event sponsored by another student organization?

A good challenge for you and your organization this semester is to think about the events you’re planning.  If not for this semester, then for the fall of 2014!

Here are some questions to consider when thinking about the programming and events your organization currently plans: Are they annual events?  Are they all educational?  All they all social?  Are they all comedic?  Are they all philanthropic?  Are they primarily attended by just your members?

If so, it’s time for a change! Set a goal to get creative with your programming.

In 2014, think about expanding your organization’s programing horizons. Here are a few suggestions on how to get creative with your programming:

  • Check out what similar student organizations are doing at other colleges/universities
  • Try collaborating with a group you’ve never worked with before
  • Ask a faculty member to speak on their area of expertise
  • Bring a speaker or performer that’s never been to Boston before
  • Survey part of the student body to see what they’d like to learn about your organization

So, how does your student organization plan to get creative this semester?


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