Are You The Next NU Idol?

Hello and happy February!  Are you all surviving the long winter months as we push onward towards spring?  This time of year is exciting for me as the group I advise, the Senior Class Advisory Board, gears up for their busy season.  But before we get to the best week of the year (Senior Week!), we have a few other great events on the schedule.  I’d like to highlight one in particular because it brings together so many members of the campus community…NU Idol.


This year is especially exciting because we’ve mixed it up a bit; rather than individual students performing, we’ve invited some of Northeastern’s finest performing arts groups to join us as they compete to be crowned this year’s NU Idol.  And did we mention the winning group gets to sing the national anthem at Fenway Park?  Yup, the grand prize is pretty phenomenal, and we can’t wait to see what the groups bring to the table this year!

We’re thrilled to have four talented groups joining us, and hope you will come support the Nor’Easters, NU Downbeats, NU Stage, and Pitch Please as they compete for the 2014 NU Idol title.  Save the date!  This year’s event will be held at 7pm on Thursday, February 20th in afterHOURS.  It should be a great collaboration, and the Senior Class Advisory Board is pumped to have students from all years turn out for the event (it’s one of the few events we plan that isn’t focused solely on the senior class!).  Can’t make it to the event?  Tune in online – the event will be live-streamed!


NU Idol


For the most up-to-date info about NU Idol, make sure to follow @NEUSeniorClass on Facebook and Twitter.

And so I leave you with this…who will be the 2014 NU Idol? We shall find out on the 20th!


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