2014 Student Life Awards

Save the date!  The 2014 Student Life Awards are coming up in just a few short months.  The Student Life Awards (hosted by yours truly, CSI) is a way for us to recognize the profound work students (and student organizations) put forth throughout the year.  The various awards fall under three categories: Curry Student Center Awards, Off Campus Student Services, and Student Organization Awards.

Want to learn more?  Check out the descriptions of each award below!

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Husky Leadership Awards

Husky leadership awards are presented to student organizations and individual student leaders, recognizing time, effort, and an overall commitment made to the University.  These awards consider both individual and student organization contributions.

G. Rod McLeod Student Center Employees of the Year 

This award honors the memory of G. Rod McLeod, a long-time staff member revered by Northeastern University students.  It recognizes student employees who have performed exceptionally well and deserve special recognition for their efforts.

Student Center Leader of the Year 

This award recognizes one student who has made a significant contribution to the Curry Student Center, upholding the center’s purpose and philosophy.  This individual is a student employee, student leader (or both!), who has been an exceptional asset to the Student Center and its co-curricular programs.

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Unsung Hero

This award recognizes students who have worked hard within student activities on campus.  In the spirit of the name, the award is given to students who have done work “behind the scenes,” rather than highly visible work as recognized by the University.

Good Neighbor Award

This award recognizes an off-campus student who exemplifies the qualities of a Good Neighbor.  Through his/her service and involvement, this individual has made a positive impact within the local community.

Global Influence Award

This award recognizes one student organization that demonstrates the following: promoting global and/or cultural awareness through educational programming; supports campus programming/experiential learning that places an emphasis on global cultures, relations or awareness; demonstrating an awareness of global concerns and takes steps to improve the lives of others and; reflects on their developing knowledge and awareness and a whole.

Social Justice Award

This award recognizes one student organization that has responded to a need for campus community by exemplifying multiculturalism and diversity through well-developed and creative programs and practices.  The individual chosen for this award has in some way contributed to making the campus communities a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Organization Award for Community Service

This award honors one student organization that has been a shining example to other organizations throughout the year, based upon commitment to community service in the Boston area.

Husky Innovation Award

This award will be presented to one student organization that has implemented an especially innovative idea this year.   This organization has shown creative thinking and innovative ideas that contribute to the success of the student organization and the greater Northeastern community.

Phoenix Award for Organizational Excellence

This award recognizes an organization that has demonstrated exceptional organizational improvement or rebuilding throughout the year.  The award is named after the mythological bird that rises from its own ashes, renewed and energized.

Husky Award for Organizational Excellence

This award honors one student organization whose purpose or mission serves a specific membership or area of interest and subsequently follows its mission by positively impacting its members.

Program of the Year

In order to fully recognize excellence in campus events, this award is presented to the most outstanding program or event sponsored by a student organization.  The program must have been planned and executed by the student organization and one that succeeded in bringing the campus community together.

Richard E. Sochacki Organization of the Year Award

This award honors an organization that has been a shining example to other organizations throughout the year, based upon all aspects of organization responsibility.  This includes quality of programming, active participation of membership, successful recruiting, and organization management.

Advisor of the Year

This award honors student organization advisors who have been active and supportive of their group’s co-curricular initiatives and activities.  Some of the nomination factors include: accessibility, availability, participation at meetings + events, and knowledge of University resources and the organization as a whole.

Here are a few photos from last year’s ceremony!

SLA 3 SLA 2 SLA 1Know of a student or student organization deserving of one of the awards? Nomination forms can be found on our website!  Please note, all award nominations are due by Wednesday, March 12 at 11:59 PM.

*SLA images created by CSI Creative Associate, Roya Rakhshan.


Joy Li,
CSI Programming Crew

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