What Guides Your Decisions?

As one half of the FSL intern team, I’ve been asked to write a few blogs this semester.  These blogs are geared towards the Fraternity/Sorority Life (FSL) community and will pose relevant questions to you all as community members.  My question for the month is – What is a Values Based Organization?

Through my extensive research (basically some basic googling), I found a good amount of business-based definitions on the purpose of a Values Based Organization. The following stood out to me:

“a culture shaped by a clear set of ground rules establishing a foundation and guiding principles for decision-making, actions, and a sense of community.”

Does this sound familiar?  It should, fraternities and sororities are Values Based Organizations.  In fact, almost all Greek lettered organizations are founded and/or guided by a specific set of values.

What are the values of your organization?

As a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, our cardinal principles are Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love; three values that our members should be constantly thinking about.

At a recent leadership conference I attended, a question was asked to a full room:

“How many of you use fake IDs?” a handful of students raised their hands.

He then asked, “Is it virtuous to use a fake ID?”

giphyOriginal found here

How do these values guide us as fraternity/sorority members?

Many undergraduates may have fake IDs, but does using one align with your personal values as well as the values of your fraternity or sorority?

Our values guide our decisions as members of fraternities and sororities.  Thoughtful decisions require a certain amount of consideration.  When making decisions take a hard look at the reasoning behind your choice, furthermore whether that reasoning reflects your values.


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