#NUGreekWeek 2014


It’s officially here! Greek Week 2014 kicks off this weekend with a day full of fun and games at Greek Olympics.  Curious about the rest of the week?  Check out all of the exciting events coming up:

  • Greek Olympics
    Sunday, March 23 in Centennial at 12 PM
    Join the FSL community and cheer on your chapter and Greek Week partners!  Greek Olympics will feature a variety of races, games, and activities.
  • FSL Speaker
    Monday, March 24 in Blackman Auditorium at 7 PM
    CAMPUSPEAK speaker, Sam Davidson, will discuss how and why FSL organizations can be forces for positive change.
  • FSL Tributes
    Tuesday, March 25 in Blackman Auditorium at 7 PM
    A friendly competition among the districts to become the ultimate representative of the FSL community.
  • Greek Sing
    Wednesday, March 26 in Blackman Auditorium at 7 PM
    A CSI favorite – the districts will partner up for the annual dancing and singing competition – a true staple of the week.
  • FSL Awards
    Thursday, March 27 in Blackman Auditorium at 7 PM
    The week’s culminating event where the community is recognized for its efforts in elevating the fraternal movement.

If you’ll be attending one (or more!) of the week’s events, make sure to tag your photographs and updates with #NUGreekWeek! Alternatively, if you can’t make it out, follow #NUGreekWeek for all things – you guessed it – Greek Week.

We’ll be tracking all posts and images tagged with #NUGreekWeek on our Social Hub, so feel free to follow along with us there.

Till next time,

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