Panhellenic Excellence Awards

This post was written by the Northeastern University Panhellenic Council Executive Board as a guest post for Scribbles & Tidbits.

The Panhellenic Council (Panhel) is the governing council for the National Panhellenic Conference sororities on campus. There are 8 chapters and almost 1,000 women within Panhellenic. The Panhellenic Executive Board chose four women to receive the first annual Panhellenic Excellence Awards. These women embody all the best qualities of the community and we are very proud to honor each of them.

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Panhellenic Award for Excellence in Leadership

The Panhellenic community chose Katherine Wingate, a sister of Delta Zeta, for the award in excellence in leadership. In choosing this award, the executive board looked through the applicants for someone who has taken on formal leadership roles both inside and outside of Panhellenic but also someone who is a role model for the entire community when she doesn’t have a formal leadership position. Katherine certainly embodies this. She has held many leadership roles within her chapter such as head of standards and within the Fraternity and Sorority community including executive vice president of Panhellenic and executive board member of the Order of Omega, the Greek honor society. Katherine has developed those roles for her successors in order to help them succeed and for the good of the entire community. On campus, Katherine is a friendly face for all members of the Fraternity and Sorority community and is always willing to help anyone in need. In addition to these roles, Katherine is a dedicated student, active member of the Northeastern Physical Therapy club, and peer tutor. As a graduating senior, Katherine will be extremely missed in the Panhellenic community and we wish her all the best!


Panhellenic Award for Excellence in Community Service

The award for excellence in community service is intended to highlight a woman in the Panhellenic community who has donated an extraordinary amount of her time to not only the Panhellenic and Northeastern community but also to the Boston community as a whole. In addition to accomplishing this, our winner, Sarah Roth, a sister of Sigma Kappa, also makes a point of always being a compassionate and giving person, to anyone in need. Her leadership and determination make her an ideal Panhellenic woman who always represents her chapter and our community positively. Sarah is an active member of the Relay for Life planning committee, which made our Relay event such a success this year. In addition she is also a member of the committee that oversees all the Relay for Life’s in the New England area, spreading her help among many more in need. She represents our community very proudly- congratulations on this award, Sarah Roth!


Panhellenic Award for Excellence in Community Outreach

The award for excellence in community outreach goes to a woman who defies the laws of time with her busy schedule. Victoria Alexander’s dedication to Panhellenic and her chapter have been evident since she first joined the community. She works hard to do what is best for others and always puts the needs of the community before her own. She leads by dedicating her time and resources to our community in every way possible. In addition to being an active sister of Sigma Delta Tau she is captain of the Northeastern Women’s Varsity Track and Field team and a member of the public relations club. She brings the values of the Panhellenic community to her other organizations, encouraging them to give back and represent their organizations proudly. She is inspired by the outstanding work that Panhellenic woman are currently doing, and it drives her to become the best community leader she can be. The support she has received from the Panhellenic community drives her to better herself every day. Congratulations Victoria!


Panhellenic Award for Excellence in Character

The award for excellence in character goes to a woman who has been serving the Panhellenic community and her chapter for the past four years.  Yakira Levy has held many positions that show her dedication to the Fraternity and Sorority community including disaffiliating as a Rho Gamma during recruitment. Now, as President of her chapter, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Yakira is taking the skills that she has learned in the Panhellenic community over the last 8 semesters and helping better her chapter. Her experience dealing with potential new members and sisters of other chapters has led her to do many great things within her chapter and improve on her leadership skills. In addition to all her hard work in Panhellenic, she also is active in the community, launching a non-profit to assist social enterprises become and stay successful. Her work with this organization will help people all across the globe, including right here in Boston. The empathy and understanding she has learned from this work has given her a greater appreciation for her sisters and the whole Panhellenic community. She believes in pushing her sisters to reach their fullest potential both inside and outside of their chapter through teamwork and support. Congratulations Yakira!

Eboard 3

The Panhellenic EBoard is proud to support the Panhel Community this year! President Beth Rivelli leads the executive board with determination and focus. The other members are Executive Vice President Kelsey Doherty, Vice President of Recruitment Anna Smith, Vice President of Membership Meredith Bailey, Secretary Jen Cordero, Treasurer Sherene Iskander, and FSLT Jenn Nass.

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