#CSCturns50 – Thanks for Joining Us!

It was a big event, and we can’t thank you enough for coming out to join us.

The night was full of moving speeches, time capsule goodies, great food, and most important – the overwhelming sense of community and Northeastern spirit found in every Husky.

And for the Huskies who especially felt the tugging of heartstrings, we have good news: A new 2014 time capsule is going to be packed on Homecoming Weekend, November 15, to be opened in 2064. If you’d like more information, you can check it all out here.
CSC turns 50 - Cake

And whether you are an administrator, student, or alumni, there’s no mistaking the sentiment that was felt during the opening of the time capsules from 1964 and 1994. Curry Student Center 50th Anniversary

While 1964’s capsule mostly contained headlines of that time and important renovation plans and blueprints, 1994 was much more colorful with stuffed animals, tongue-in-cheek shirts, and student organization knick-knacks. There were even some shout-outs to some panhellenic sororities (AEPhi, Delta Zeta, and TriSigma), showing that sisterhood lasts for a lifetime.

Curry Student Center 50th Anniversary

1994 especially reminds us of the great things that can happen when the Northeastern community works together – did you know that Curry Student Center came about through the efforts of student-raised funds? The Center was created because students insisted on having a place to call their own – even if it meant taxing themselves.

Even the exhibit about CSC’s history, which is open through Homecoming Week, was the work of Scout, a student-run design organization.

Curry Student Center 50th AnniversaryThis relationship between CSC and the student body is best put by Noah Carville, the Student Government Association‘s President: “When the student voice arises, the Curry Student Center answers.” And probably vice-versa.

Curry Student Center 50th AnniversaryIt’s only appropriate to make a toast then, to the sentimental past, ambitious future, and the gift of today –

Here’s to 50 in, and to 50 more!

CSC turns 50 - After

If you have any photos from the event, we’d love to see them! Make sure to tag your posts with #CSCturns50.

And P.S. – You can be a part of Northeastern history too! Join us November 15 as we pack a new time capsule.

Until then, hats off to U, NU, NU…


Photos by Brooks Canaday

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