Get Involved: What’s Homecoming?

Whenever I tell people that I am a co-chair of Northeastern’s Homecoming Committee, someone always asks the question, “What’s Homecoming?”

The simple answer is, “Homecoming is a week where we celebrate Northeastern and student organizations compete against each other to show their husky pride.”

But in addition to being boring, an answer like that fails to convey why I’ve loved being a part of this committee for the past two years.

Homecoming is a lot of things.

Homecoming is getting up early on Veteran’s Day with the other students on your floor to volunteer your time cleaning up neighborhoods in Mission Hill.

Homecoming is sitting in Blackman auditorium as you watch one of your closest friends confidently walk across the stage as they try to win over the crowd’s vote for Mayor of Huntington Avenue.

Homecoming 1 Homecoming is smiling when you see your student organization’s banner hanging in Curry Student Center.

Homecoming is enjoying a caramel apple on a cold Thursday in November as you walk around in Northeastern colors at the Red & Black Day fair.

Homecoming 2Homecoming is stopping by afterHours after a long day in the library to enjoy the good music as Northeastern students compete in Battle of the Bands.

Homecoming is sitting in Matthews Arena and thinking how surreal it is that you are watching your idol, Kevin Spacey, perform on the stage in front of you.

But mainly, Homecoming is the week I’ve been looking forward to most my senior year. Whether you’re a freshman or senior, active on campus or not, Homecoming is a week to be proud that you’re a Husky.

Homecoming 3To see a full schedule and description of events, go to




Elvira is a fourth year senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Mathematics. After graduation, she hopes to work on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and then pursue a Master’s Degree at the University of Sydney.


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