Power Your Project with Catalyst

We’ve heard it before – Northeastern is a community of students, faculty, and alumni with experiential, engaging, and innovative goals.

Now enter Catalyst, a program dedicated to bringing those experiential, engaging, and innovative goals to life.

Whether you’re a student group with a great project idea or a donor enthusiastic about one, Catalyst “makes it easy to follow, connect with, and support the most innovative and inspiring student projects at Northeastern University,” ensuring involvement at every corner.

Photo courtesy of Catalyst

So how does it work?

Student groups with a project proposal can gain access to Northeastern’s network of 207,000 alumni by submitting an application with the project idea and funding goal. If your group submits a proposal and is selected, you’d be invited to create a profile to the Catalyst website and set a countdown timer.

If approved, up until the end date you’d promote your project through your own network of family, friends and peers, and lead potential donors to your site. Project promotions should be visually pitched, whether through video or photo presentations, and all updates should be documented on the site too.

In the case that a project’s goal isn’t reached, contributions go toward the Catalyst Student Fund, which directly supports student organizations.

Of course, we want to be enthusiastic about all projects and great ideas – so get out and start planning! After all, if a goal is reached before the deadline, funds can continue to be raised and contributed towards the project.

And don’t forget to thank your donors once your project is completed! Success is best when shared, especially with those who have helped you along the way.

Photo courtesy of Catalyst

You can read up about successful projects with student organizations like Engineers Without Borders and the NU Choral Society here.

So what are you waiting for? Help Catalyst help you with your newest project!


Until then, hats off to U, NU, NU…


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