#CSCturns50 – A NU Time Capsule

Hey there Huskies! As you may remember from our thank you post from last time, we mentioned that on November 15, we’ll be packing a new – or NU! – time capsule, to be opened in 2064, Curry Student Center’s 100th Anniversary!

Now the best part? Your student organization can contribute!

Curry Student Center 50th Anniversary
Some goodies from 1994 – offer your own memorabilia!

Here’s how:

  • Items should reflect the name of a student organization/campus department or a specific event hosted by a recognized student organization/campus department (i.e.: t-shirts, club cards, photographs, etc.)
  • Items should be able to fit into a time capsule that is 10-12 inches in diameter. Heavy items that meet the diameter might be excluded due to weight, so keep it light!
  • Students who aren’t part of a student organization may make suggestions for Northeastern-related items that can be included by tweeting their suggestions @434CSC and using the hashtag #CSCturns50.
  • All items must be dropped off at the Center for Student Involvement (located in room 434 of the student center) no later than 5PM on Thursday, November 13.
  • The anniversary committee will make the final decision on items to be placed inside. These items will be announced at the 2PM event on Saturday, November 15 in the Indoor Quad of the student center.
Light items, please!
Light items, please!

If you have any questions, you can contact us at CSCturns50@neu.edu.

For more information on Homecoming Weekend, you can check it out here.

We hope to see all your contributions in the time capsule, and to see you Huskies on November 15!

Until then, hats off to U, NU, NU…


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