#SyncMeUpScotty – Registering an Organization

Hi Huskies! Just how we’ve reached November, we’ve also reached our third OrgSync post – celebrations are in order.

And just as celebrations are better with a group, OrgSync is also better with groups, or student organizations.

Making your mark starts here.

Let’s start out with the organization you want to register. What’s the name of the org? Has it been cleared by the Student Involvement Board, or for graduate students reading, the Graduate Student Government? Maybe you have a mission statement you’d like to put up?

Whatever it may be, there are all sorts of things to consider before registering a student organization on OrgSync. Once you’ve thought out all the details, log in to OrgSync and click on “Browse Organizations.”

This leads you to the student organization window, where you can explore and discover all the different parts of Northeastern University.

OrgSync 1
Find, and be found.



Click on “Register New Organization” and you’ll immediately be prompted to choose an umbrella where you want your organization under. Then press “Center for Student Involvement” (that’s us!).


OrgSync 2
Hey, that’s us! (Hi, mom)

Great! Now we’ve reached the page where you’ll fill out your organization’s basic information, some of which we talked about before. These details include the full name of the organization, its description, and keywords that’ll help other students find your organization when browsing OrgSync.

Fill the information on the page to the best of your ability, and, like always, include a profile picture!

This can be anything showing off what your org is all about, like a team photo or logo.

OrgSync 3
Call it how you see it.

Once you’ve finished up, continue on towards the next page, which includes details for you to fill in about your organization – what’s your organization’s email address? Who’s your advisor?

And if you haven’t already, fill in your leadership positions with people who best fit the role.

The page requires you to have names, emails, phone numbers, and NU ID #’s, so it’d be a great idea to have the information on hand.

OrgSync 4
Tell ’em who’s in charge.


And that’s that! Thanks for joining us once again, and if you’re new around these parts, check out the first parts of the OrgSync series!

Until then, hats off to U, NU, NU…


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