The Golden Ticket

You know that feeling we all get when we experience something new? It’s almost like Charlie opening the wrapper to a Willy Wonka chocolate bar … and a shiny golden ticket inside.

It's a magical moment. (source:
It’s a magical moment. (source:

Supporting your student organizations and coming out to their events is similar to that because not only do you get to cheer on your friends and have a great time, but you also get to fund the organizations and the great causes they support – yay!

Organizing a ticketed event is no simple task though. There’s so much to think about – the registration process, a perfect venue, the ideal audience…

Luckily, we’re here to lay the foundation for you.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Michelle, head of the Box Office and resident hand model. We talked about what the ticketing process is like, and how you can bring your own event to life.

Q1. What does the process of registering a ticketed event look like?
Michelle: First you want to head over to the University website and read the Northeastern University Box Office Policies. Then you’ll need an OrgSync (which we have a series on here!) and fill out a Ticketing Request Form and submit it online. The form needs to be filled with details specific to the event, for example, the name and date.

A look at some of this year's past events.
A look at some of this year’s past events.

Q2. What are venues that can be reserved?
Michelle: The venues that can be reserved include Blackman Auditorium, the Fenway Center, the Studio Theatre next to Gallery 360, and the CSC Ballroom. There are even more venues you can check out here. Most of these places are only open on the day of an event.

Q3. How long does booking a ticketed space usually take? And who sets the prices?
Michelle: Booking and ticketing usually takes two weeks – so definitely prepare early! Student organizations meet with the Finance Board who clears their event and sets the ticket price. For every priced ticket there’s $2 that goes towards the Box Office and printing fees, but free tickets are just free. But this in-between time is best for getting the word out.

Q4. How can people promote their events?
Michelle: Social media is always popular – especially since we want to encourage people to use myTickets and go greener, that is probably the best option. But we still see posters and flyers put up, and that’s pretty effective too.

The Northeastern Calendar is great for upcoming events.

Q5. What was a particularly memorable event for you?
Michelle: I think we have a good mix of events going on here, especially since student organizations get really creative! We see a lot of performances, featuring dance and live speakers, but we also see venues booked for other fundraising events, like hosting brunch. In the little over a year that I’ve worked here, I think that the John Coltrane Memorial Concert is definitely memorable though. It’s general admission and open to the public – there’s even assigned seating! But it’s definitely a lot of fun.

I also really enjoy Homecoming and Springfest, because there’s something about building up the event, and finding out what’s going to be featured. Ticketing can get complicated because it involves some coding, but the nerdy part of me really finds it cool.


And that’s a wrap – thanks so much for reading, and a big thank you to Michelle for her insights this week!

Best of luck to you all on finals, and hope to see these tips put in action next semester!

Until then, hats off to U, NU, NU…


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