Call for BLUEPRINT Participants

This post is written for Scribbles + Tidbits by Northeastern student and LEAD360 participant, Danielle Antico.

Throughout high school, I had been extremely involved in the school community. I was the officer of various clubs and organizations, and I knew upon acceptance to Northeastern that I wanted to continue with that level of involvement in Boston.

Post written by Danielle, featured on the left

Coming to Northeastern University as a first-year student can be extremely overwhelming. You begin a new chapter in your life in the vibrant city of Boston surrounded by thousands and thousands of new faces, many of which are busy applying to exciting co-ops and planning their next study abroad experiences. It is easy to feel lost in the shuffle and it is important to find your place.

BLUEPRINT helped me take the first steps to find that place and to ultimately begin shaping my college career.

Northeastern offers thousands of unique and exciting opportunities and it is hard to navigate them all at first. BLUEPRINT stood out to me because of its leadership-oriented focus and first-year only structure. When I first heard of BLUEPRINT, it seemed to me that this program could be a platform for first-year students to come together to begin developing their college careers, in leadership positions and otherwise. I was excited that this program could give me the opportunity to be involved with the school community once again and I signed up.


Both BLUEPRINT and BLUEPRINT 2 offered me the opportunity to get to know fellow first-years and these programs helped me feel more comfortable in my new environment. I learned about leadership through interactive workshops and through my peers, and was ultimately challenged in BLUEPRINT 2 to put my leadership skills to the test to create and facilitate an event on campus with a group. Most importantly,

I learned that leadership can come in many various forms and that you do not have to be the loudest person in the room to have your voice heard or to lead a group.

I am thankful for my time with BLUEPRINT, because these programs were among the first stepping stones I crossed to develop what I want my college career to look like, and I made new friends along the way!

Danielle Antico

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