#TipSeries: The Art of Modern Media Marketing

We’ve all been there–scrolling through our Facebook feeds, lazily looking through an endless-yet-still-entertaining stream of photos from that event over the summer that you just got tagged in, when it appears–a random news article from a page you liked forever ago pops up, shouting at you in a long paragraph that will take way too long to read. The post, though well-written and informative, quickly disappears back into the chasm of Facebook, the abyss of Twitter, the ocean of our modern day media’s informative outlets, as you continue to scroll on.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t that dramatic. However, it’s true –social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular, yet exponentially harder to use successfully. In the age of Twitter, of news tickers and “Everything You Need to Know About ____ in Under ___ Minutes,” the target market for social media marketing sources is great at ignoring ads that can’t get to the point immediately.

So how are companies, clubs, and organizations supposed to keep up with the times?

How can you and your student group use the opportunities associated with social media marketing to your advantage?

Fear not, blog readers–CSI is here to save the day.



  • Tip 1: Keep it Snappy. Especially on platforms like Twitter, character count is everything. The shorter you can summarize what you’re writing about, the better. Convey the information in a quick way, and if you have to, link your post to a longer article that explains it more. Less is more!
  • Tip 2: Tone, Tone, Tone. There’s no need for Shakespeare to write your Instagram captions. Keep the tone of your post light and casual, and avoid stuffy vocabulary. Remember who you’re advertising to–your fellow college students will be attracted to advertisements that sound youthful and oriented towards their age group.
via northeastern’s instagram


  • Tip 3: A Picture is a Thousand Words. Attaching a photo to your post is always a good idea. However, make sure that image is a good one–this is the first impression. Therefore, avoid tiny, grainy photos, or pictures of an event that happened 3 years ago. Keep your photo selection new, high-quality, and fun looking.
image via @northeasterncup on twitter

What tips do you have for your fellow student orgs?

-by Alicia, CSI Marketing Associate


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